Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oasis Village

                                              We had been holding back this story for quite some time, cause You see, the thought of a desert vacation in the middle of summers may not exactly sound fantastic.
                                             Even though it`s this Oasis that we`re talking about.

 I know, winter is still several weeks away, but guess what.. I`ve been told that, it`s been raining cats and dogs over the dunes of south west Rajasthan lately. So come on, the Thar may not be the hot plate that You think it might be, for the next few days atleast.

How did We get there? Oh, we just took the overnight train from Delhi to Jodhpur and drove another 90 odd kilometers towards a place called Khimsar. 

And in Khimsar, just ask for directions to the Khimsar Fort. And that is where the erstwhile Maharaja of Khimsar has come up with a tastefully done resort, fashioned out of the old fort. 
It`s a nice place for a vacation, with all the modern trappings of affluence with first class service and hospitality, but the real deal is out of town, out in the desert.

        And this, place below is what I`m talking about. The kind of stuff that one sees only on television or in books.  Beautiful? well.. scroll down for more, for the Sand Dune Village..

Here`s a closer looks at the huts and the courtyard. Just the place to finish a nice book and puff the evening away. What do You say?

Some wine would be in order maybe.. but I have a better place in mind to uncork that bottle. By the pond side under the shade with friends and family.

The cold evening breeze over the water to add to the mood and the levels of intoxication, is non chargeable here

You can also soak in the sun and finish that book, over by the pond side, some time in the morning or evening, cause those are the best times of the day to be out in the desert. Just the place to chat trivia, for hours on end.

Here`s  a better view of the Oasis for some visual bliss. 

Swing between Leisure and Luxury here, if You can get the office out of Your mind for a few hours. By now I want to be born in the Palace of Maharaja of Khimsar in my next incarnation..

This sand dune village did not come up on it`s own. It has taken a lot of effort to get it to look like this. The Thar is`nt the textbook desert You would imagine it to be.

Few patches of the desert are this devoid of vegetation. but the trickiest part of  the Oasis, is the Pond.

In the natural world, and Oasis is formed when a natural spring starts oozing water and brings to life a small portion of the desert around it.
Nature has`nt been this kind to Khimsar, thankfully, the Maharaja has been.

The Pond is clearly the desert`s beauty spot.

And here`s a Duplex hut for You, in case You`re planning to bring an entire Gang along, Or maybe a large troop of children , cause the children are just going to love playing in the sand at this village. I suggest You bring the kids along. It`s time they saw the desert for real. They`ll love You for it.

In case the fine sand is begining to bother You, You can always come back to the fort 

And make a splash in this pool and get rid of all the sand.
Yes, those two pigeons there are real.

I`ll tell You how I got this shot..

I took my position along the pool which incidently had this platoon of pigeons loitering around.
 Then with my shot composed, I would give out a loud cough and send the birds helter skelter. I took a number of such shots and this one here is my favourite.

Just like the sand dune village, the fort also offers a great ambiance for dining and wining, 
in both the outdoor and indoor setting.

My personal favorite drinking place would be this bar below, located on the top of the fort walls.

We clicked a lot of shots of the place, and it was indeed difficult to decide which one to feature and which one to leave out. Some of the better shots have been left out and You have to be there to see the place for real.
Trust us, You need to see this.