Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Caution!! Women at Work

Shot Stories can come to Your place, rig up a portable studio, ask You to pose and get You a nice collection of snaps to adorn Your walls, both real and virtual. 

But since we are in the business of telling stories we would want You to stay in Your elements and let us snipe out the shots that tell Your tale.  ShotStories hitched a ride with Allwhatshewants.com for the pursuit of stories and.. understandably, met..  female artists, designers, creators and entrepreneurs
women, tending to well choreographed chores, over a fancy workstation with a focus like that of a surgeon,



Women, just being themselves with an unmistakable sense of style   
And then there were those who are in the business of decking people up.. finesse, hardwork, beauty all rolled into one.

Now this the kind of shoot that is a photopro`s delight, cause it is just so difficult..    to get it wrong.. Especially so if You are shooting a woman at work. 
This is where You get an amazing interplay of action, emotion, color and a photogenic form. One look at the picture and You think, You can tell a lot about the person. So if You`re thinking of creating a good first imression, the first thing to do is to get yourself a good picture of Yourself, preferably the one where You are`nt posing, a picture that tells not just who You are, but also what You are all about.

If you still have`nt guessed it right, then the person on the left is a vendor of semi precious valuables.
The experience becomes even more delightful when Your subject is a vendor of sweets.. and that is when You wish the JPEG format could also incorporate taste and aroma. All my senses hooked.. when I profile a kitchen queen.

One look at the pics and You know, You`re looking at not just entrepreneurs but enthusiasts!

That`s Anisha Maker of Garage Inc holding a plate like a color palette in the hands of an artist and a fork like a paintbrush.   

Hunting for a good picture becomes a lot simpler if You just focus on capturing emotion.. emotions that convey passion and inner energy. That`s Ridhima and Saloni of Risa bags talking about their enterprise.These are the various moods that we caught them in when we got them to talk about themselves and their venture. 

The ever so contemplative and thoughtful Ridhima 
and the ever so expressive Saloni!

Thanks for all the attention folks,
pay some more on the need to have a good photo shoot to tell Your story.