Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Caution!! Women at Work

Shot Stories can come to Your place, rig up a portable studio, ask You to pose and get You a nice collection of snaps to adorn Your walls, both real and virtual. 

But since we are in the business of telling stories we would want You to stay in Your elements and let us snipe out the shots that tell Your tale.  ShotStories hitched a ride with Allwhatshewants.com for the pursuit of stories and.. understandably, met..  female artists, designers, creators and entrepreneurs
women, tending to well choreographed chores, over a fancy workstation with a focus like that of a surgeon,



Women, just being themselves with an unmistakable sense of style   
And then there were those who are in the business of decking people up.. finesse, hardwork, beauty all rolled into one.

Now this the kind of shoot that is a photopro`s delight, cause it is just so difficult..    to get it wrong.. Especially so if You are shooting a woman at work. 
This is where You get an amazing interplay of action, emotion, color and a photogenic form. One look at the picture and You think, You can tell a lot about the person. So if You`re thinking of creating a good first imression, the first thing to do is to get yourself a good picture of Yourself, preferably the one where You are`nt posing, a picture that tells not just who You are, but also what You are all about.

If you still have`nt guessed it right, then the person on the left is a vendor of semi precious valuables.
The experience becomes even more delightful when Your subject is a vendor of sweets.. and that is when You wish the JPEG format could also incorporate taste and aroma. All my senses hooked.. when I profile a kitchen queen.

One look at the pics and You know, You`re looking at not just entrepreneurs but enthusiasts!

That`s Anisha Maker of Garage Inc holding a plate like a color palette in the hands of an artist and a fork like a paintbrush.   

Hunting for a good picture becomes a lot simpler if You just focus on capturing emotion.. emotions that convey passion and inner energy. That`s Ridhima and Saloni of Risa bags talking about their enterprise.These are the various moods that we caught them in when we got them to talk about themselves and their venture. 

The ever so contemplative and thoughtful Ridhima 
and the ever so expressive Saloni!

Thanks for all the attention folks,
pay some more on the need to have a good photo shoot to tell Your story.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chasing Kiwis

As rare and exotic is Kiwi in a fruit basket, rarer still it is, as a food ingredient. Whenever You hit the kitchen to prepare lunch, Your hand reaches out for cereals, grains, breads, flesh.. but Fruit?? not unless that`s the challenge You`ve taken up.

Now how do You use a fleshy, juicy, sweet fruit to prepare a three course meal. A kiwi fruit salad or drink would seem an easy way out..

Put Your imagination on the main burner and allow it to come to boil. The first thing to come to the surface would be,
Kiwi Marinated Civiche of Clam with Rocket cress. 
        Click on the picture on Your left for a better view. Those leafy red and white shards are meat slices of surf clam, marinated overnight in a heady concoction of coconut milk, lime juice and crushed kiwifruit.

Add to it some rocket leaf garnishing and olive oil dressing, and serve it cold. 
You have to try this even if You`re not a great fan of seafood. I hate seafood, but I loved it.

There`s even a soup from the exotic fruit, and it goes like this, "Chilled Roasted Pepper, Chinese Gooseberry & Jerez Soup".   Fancy name.. I wonder where they derive the nomenclature from. It`s made by adding nicely cut capsicum to onion and garlic and mixing it with kiwifruit and cooked to form a paste, which is then blended and met with sherry. Garnished with Yoghurt and chilli oil this too is served cold.

Now if You`re thinking, that the fruit can only give You light, intuitive recipes, then I have for You 

the "Loin of New Zealand Lamb with `Kiwi de Menthe` jelly and Moroccan Jam Quinoa" , 
This one has cooked lamb placed with Quinoa, garnished with juliennes of mint & coriander.

Just like the Kiwi fruit, all the dishes we`ve had so far have a seemingly refreshing and light appeal.

Care for some dessert?? A Sushi platter!! Yes.. a Sushi dessert platter.. So Here goes

And How do we get there.. cook some rice with milk sugar and cardamom pods just like kheer until very thick. Now roll the kheer into balls onto a sushi mat covered with cling film and garnish with sliced Kiwifruit.
Just loved this one.. Yummy!!

We had a great time experiencing the Kiwi Menu and bringing it to You with these pics.. 
This came out of a party thrown by the Shangri La hotel, Delhi, where it`s Wizard Chef from Oz, executive chef, Darren Conole was working his magic. The  Kiwis came from the Zespri stable.

Thanks everyone for all the attention, Now go and check it out for Yourself at the ShangriLa.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More than Words..

A thousand Words! That`s it? Is that all, a picture is worth?? How bout a picture that leaves You Salivating! A sight beyond the realm of linguistics and phonetics.. 
That`s Grilled Chicken Breast, with steamed vegetables on the left and butter Chicken below.

I can serenade You with an `Ode to the spicy Chicken` and still fail to get You Imagining the feel and the smell of the bird in question.

But one look at these pics and all Your senses go online. Click on them for better detail.. Delicious??
Now that is one way of experiencing food without actually eating it.. an act closest to the real deal. 
You can look at it and recollect or conjure up the whole experience in your mind, of the taste, the smell, the texture, the sights...

Some foods actually taste better than they look.. but I`ll never know, cause one look at some of such stuf and I could`nt get myself to put in my mouth. 

And put in my mouth I have some of the below.. to my serious displeasure.

  There is something about thai food that exudes sophistication and finesse making it look so tempting, that it`s 
"one look at it and I just wanna have it". 
I just wish my preconditoned North Indian punjabi palate could let me handle thai, and not go into auto puke mode. 
Stupid Coconut milk!!
But where would a food photographer be without Thai food, the eden garden on a platter


  had too much already.. Here`s some desserts for You!! the easiest to photograph, a dessert has simplified and uncomplicated structure and texture, that just always manages to come out beautifully in a photograph

And why are we talking Food..
Well.. Food has come to be the most visually compelling element of ShotStories. All of the above happened when shotstories was a special invitee for food and fotos at the workshops of some of the best foodsmiths in town.
We`ve had our fill, of the food..
anybody out there hungry for such fotos, please let us know.

Lastly.. before leaving.. there`s this song stuck in my head ever since I thought of the title above.. completely unrelated, but just thought of sharing it with You all.. So here Goes!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Portfolio of Shot Stories

This time, we are going to be direct and clear, in what we want You to think of shotstories.net,
 cause some of our patrons still can`t comprehend as to what we are all about..
 completely our fault!! To make it easier for You, we want You to look at  just the PICTURES. 
Yes, Pictures. You can completely ignore the masonry of words in between, and You`ll know what we are talking about. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is what we do. And those did`nt come out of chance encounters, they came out of photo assignments that we sought and continue to seek.
Starting with Beauty, these shoots happened when a few lifestyle and Beauty industry brands converged and got us to shoot a showcase of their products. You don`t always have to be part of a convergence summit, to make us work for You. We can customize a shoot for Your brand, a brand which could even be You yourself. Are You interested in a portfolio??
Click here for more of Beauty

It could be made from the entrails of a Pumpkin and deep fried in Mustard Oil, but if it looks good I just might try it. And I did try all of these below and they were delicious even after they had gone cold as I shot them first. 

We shot most of these at some of the most well known eating places in Town. 

Your patrons may get to see what`s cooking inside Your kitchen before the dough hits the stove. How bout a nice photo album for the facebook page of Your cook shop!! 

Click here for more Food.

Product photography is like the arts and crafts assignment that we had in school. This one over here is what we do at home in our studio. It`s amazing what satin and a sheet of paper can do to a shot. Equally amazing is how You can showcase Your product without a showroom.
 Allow us to amaze You.

But this is not all how we shoot products, check this  out. 
some more Product shots here 

And we`ve shot people, individuals in ways they`d never expected, and those folks have been featured in publications using our shots
You don`t have to be a fashion model to have a few good pics clicked. 

Atleast Your profile picture needs a serious upgrade

so Think about it and let us know.