Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Portfolio of Shot Stories

This time, we are going to be direct and clear, in what we want You to think of shotstories.net,
 cause some of our patrons still can`t comprehend as to what we are all about..
 completely our fault!! To make it easier for You, we want You to look at  just the PICTURES. 
Yes, Pictures. You can completely ignore the masonry of words in between, and You`ll know what we are talking about. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is what we do. And those did`nt come out of chance encounters, they came out of photo assignments that we sought and continue to seek.
Starting with Beauty, these shoots happened when a few lifestyle and Beauty industry brands converged and got us to shoot a showcase of their products. You don`t always have to be part of a convergence summit, to make us work for You. We can customize a shoot for Your brand, a brand which could even be You yourself. Are You interested in a portfolio??
Click here for more of Beauty

It could be made from the entrails of a Pumpkin and deep fried in Mustard Oil, but if it looks good I just might try it. And I did try all of these below and they were delicious even after they had gone cold as I shot them first. 

We shot most of these at some of the most well known eating places in Town. 

Your patrons may get to see what`s cooking inside Your kitchen before the dough hits the stove. How bout a nice photo album for the facebook page of Your cook shop!! 

Click here for more Food.

Product photography is like the arts and crafts assignment that we had in school. This one over here is what we do at home in our studio. It`s amazing what satin and a sheet of paper can do to a shot. Equally amazing is how You can showcase Your product without a showroom.
 Allow us to amaze You.

But this is not all how we shoot products, check this  out. 
some more Product shots here 

And we`ve shot people, individuals in ways they`d never expected, and those folks have been featured in publications using our shots
You don`t have to be a fashion model to have a few good pics clicked. 

Atleast Your profile picture needs a serious upgrade

so Think about it and let us know.