Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More than Words..

A thousand Words! That`s it? Is that all, a picture is worth?? How bout a picture that leaves You Salivating! A sight beyond the realm of linguistics and phonetics.. 
That`s Grilled Chicken Breast, with steamed vegetables on the left and butter Chicken below.

I can serenade You with an `Ode to the spicy Chicken` and still fail to get You Imagining the feel and the smell of the bird in question.

But one look at these pics and all Your senses go online. Click on them for better detail.. Delicious??
Now that is one way of experiencing food without actually eating it.. an act closest to the real deal. 
You can look at it and recollect or conjure up the whole experience in your mind, of the taste, the smell, the texture, the sights...

Some foods actually taste better than they look.. but I`ll never know, cause one look at some of such stuf and I could`nt get myself to put in my mouth. 

And put in my mouth I have some of the below.. to my serious displeasure.

  There is something about thai food that exudes sophistication and finesse making it look so tempting, that it`s 
"one look at it and I just wanna have it". 
I just wish my preconditoned North Indian punjabi palate could let me handle thai, and not go into auto puke mode. 
Stupid Coconut milk!!
But where would a food photographer be without Thai food, the eden garden on a platter


  had too much already.. Here`s some desserts for You!! the easiest to photograph, a dessert has simplified and uncomplicated structure and texture, that just always manages to come out beautifully in a photograph

And why are we talking Food..
Well.. Food has come to be the most visually compelling element of ShotStories. All of the above happened when shotstories was a special invitee for food and fotos at the workshops of some of the best foodsmiths in town.
We`ve had our fill, of the food..
anybody out there hungry for such fotos, please let us know.

Lastly.. before leaving.. there`s this song stuck in my head ever since I thought of the title above.. completely unrelated, but just thought of sharing it with You all.. So here Goes!!