Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Tree of Good Life

If You think that`s the firewood for the Fireplace in the bedroom, then You`re clearly missing the Trees for the Wood.

Like a Hollywood Tree Monster invading Your living spaces, there`s a Tree coming right out of the floor and going through the roof.. And here we are talking not about the Tree in the House but about a House on the Tree.. 

Yes, we are talking about a TreeHouse. 
And a Place in the Trees is the closest You can get to a Place in the Clouds. Cause while "Building castles in the air" remains  only a metaphor, this Tree house here however is the real deal.

Perched not very high above the ground among the trees are neatly done cottages with all the modern amenities, so You can stay aloof and afloat in the leaves for as long as You want.

In case it gets a little eerie up there, You`ll have company in the neighboring branches  
The surroundings resemble a tropical rain forest with the greens laying claim to each and every square foot of land below.

A place so rich with flora that You would`nt believe You`re in Rajasthan.
Yes, we`re in Rajasthan, a mere 30min drive from Jaipur on NH8. For more details, just Google the words "Tree house resort" or just click here.
Apart from the heady experience of living in these cottages, there`s a lot to be experienced here over a weekend of Getaway and GetLosthood.

So check it out and feel absolutely free to thank me later for the great experience.


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