Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Little Black Doggie

     A Dslr is a beautiful thing to have,
        but if You`re not a Photographer good enough without it, You`ll never be good enough with it. 

And with a Nikon Dslr, there is just so much that You can do, that You may hit Your limits as a PhotoPro before You can even get a sight of it`s limits as a camera, cause You see, the Nikon Dslr is a serious piece of optical engineering. 
Time for some serous discourse?        hmm.. Nyet!!

My Nikon D5100  stares at me, like a doggie would, at it`s human friend, begging to "go out and have some FUN!".

Seriously! take a good look on the right at my black doggie again. there... You see that!!

And we`ve watered our share of poles and pooped more than our share of lawns, but the real fun and games started when we started shooting Videos. 
      The lil black doggie can shoot some ridiculously fantastic videos and when You get serious with it on the video mode, that is all that You would wanna do.
                    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Nikon D5100 Dslr is primarily a camera for still photography, the Video mode is at best an, add on. . but what an add on it is!!

Recently Supriya reviewed the Ford Ecosport for allwhatshewants.com and we drove along in my Maruti Zen in a synchronized ballet on Delhi Roads.  The Results were amazing!
 The Ford Ecosport did`nt look so good with my own eyes, OnScreen though, it was a different car.. amazing also how a Dslr  with a Rs2600/- rig and a small hatchback can create something so good.  Click on the video and see for Yourself. 

This video came after a bit of tweaking the camera software and settings and the several shoots that taught us how to handle the auto focus on the go.

And by the time we got there, we had some fun at the Avon salon in connaught place. Over here we shot the makover with Swati Kain in a less challenging assignment for allwhatshewants.com

This shoot was done in a relatively controlled and a vsually happening environment, with Pros for company who made the shoot a Breeze. But there is something with the way the optics of a Dslr are configured that makes the footage stand out. And this from a camera which costs a fraction of the Video cameras that I`ve been shooting with for the last 15 years as a TV news Lensman.

Here is another beauty shoot with the very beautiful Srishti Rana
Now these were Beauty and Product review shoots were conducted in controlled environs, where You have to struggle to get things .. ..  Wrong, because of their inherent visual appeal, but there are times when You have to bring out the editorial cap and try and weave a story with shots on the go. This happens when You are profiling an individual as in this case. 
So what do You think?

The Video feature with the Dslr took a long time coming and since the Nikon D5100 the technology has grown by leaps and bounds with some like the D750, DSLRs these days are better optimised for HD Video, and the costs are at a fraction.

We have more in out kitty and we will be posting more soon..

Catch You all later.

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