Saturday, June 30, 2012

Who we are and what we have

ShotStories offers a visual expression of a statement from Your Life or Your Business or Both. Have You ever wished there was a collage of pictures from your life that Your friends, family, clients or yourself could just stroll by and have a LOOK?
     Well, If Yes.. then we can offer some professional help with some professional tools. Our experience in picturing our own life can come in handy, for You.

For a start we began with our newage models in the house, our kids

This gentleman here provided us some of our best candid pictures of a baby, much like the kid in your house whose every step, move, act You so wished to capture for all eternity. The same kid who one day will be too old to be as cute and photogenic.
You can also buy one of these DSLRs and grow as a photopro with the kid or call us over to capture some candid kid moments. You`ll be amazed what a DSLR in professional hands could accomplish.

And this is what we do with just the camera, and Mind You, not the Photoshop, cause You see, we are a bit old fashioned. We`ve been lucky to have been joined by another fantastic model in this lady. Tantrums Galore, She`s been an absolute delight for the photographer.
The Gentleman and the Lady have grown up to be peskier beings and continue to amuse us with more facial theatrics and juvenile antics

Some years later another Dude joined us, seen here under able guidance of our first model

I wish somebody could click me with my kids and be just as good too. But, the flipside of being a photopro is that You are nowhere in Your photographs. That may not have to be the case with You, if we are around.
Sample some of our bests below  
Kids in their revelous best show their true colors, a moment in time worth freezing. (or for studying Fluid Dynamics). It`s taken me Thirteen years as a news cameraperson in Delhi to develop an intuition for the perfect shot. Thinking on the feet and moving with speed is what keeps You going, cause if You`re capturing life, then there`ll be no retakes. Shot story telling, capturing on the go.

Or out holidaying in the sun, on the beach, in the forest, over the hill around a rare vacation with the family, or maybe just some quality time with family brats at home.

These poses come naturally to children, asking them for one might take the fun out of clicking Your kids. We never tell our models to Pose.
Do You remember being this pesky , cheeky, animated? NO!
Well, inside every older person is a small child wondering "just what the Hell happened!".
I wonder how we can go on a vacation with You, but a picnic for a day over the weekend should be just as good. What do You say?

Our experiments in candid photography have amazed ourselves, with the results. And candid children`s photography for us, has been a great learning experience both in terms of professional photography and Children.

And here are the three models, now grown up, in a classic "hand in the cookie jar moment". 
We have a lot to show You on Children`s Photography, which You`ll get to see in subsequent posts, but that is just one chapter from our Portfolio. In the immediate post after this we will showcase some of our tools. Lights Cameras..Later on this space You`ll get to see Food shots, Product Photography, Potraits, Travel photography and Model shoots, portfolios.. and everything else You may come up with for us.
So, Bookmark us, Now!

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