Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shooting Beauty

And We are back, with the Monsoons, with a fresh chapter of ShotStories.
This is the story of how this chapter came into being.

Meet Olga, a PhotoPro`s delight from the Karma model agency.

A professional Muse with the textbook proportions and features, that would make You jealous of Ukraine, her country of origin. Jealous also, for the degree of proficiency that She brings to modelling. We have a nice and colorfull story and a canvas so good that it makes scripting effortless.

This chapter is all about the complete Urban Monsoon look.
The rains bring out the life in us and the irrepressible urge to soak in the rain. Alas! the phone in Your pocket in not waterproof.
To potray this happy go feather lite mood we picked up this dress from Kazo for Olga. This dress, because it lets You feel the the cool monsoon breeze on the better part of Your skin. It`s pleats and fall give this dress windy fluttery look, so in tune with the weather outside.

Combine the look with those danglers from Ravissant and that bold rustic ring from Esbeda.The Danglers and the Ring have a somewhat Stoney, Earthen feel about them. What we liked about them was the way metal had been married to stone here.

But this is the look for the day in the rains.Post sunset we can think of a sexy black and bold look. And again we picked up this off shouldered dress from Kazo with lots of shimmer.

Now picture the feel the cool wind on your skin and the sparkle of rain drops in the night.
To this Black spark we added this innovative, lovely metallic neck piece from Kazo, to picturise the feel of cold smooth metal on the
skin over Your shoulder?

We`ve combined those footwear from Mochi cause we thought, that Your feet might be going through a puddle or two.

Speaking of Metallic Feel neck pieces, here`s another one from Esbeda. Some metallic Flora and Fauna around Your neck!

Later on, We got bolder and sexier, by blowing an ocher yellow hole in the dark of the night with this dress from Turquoise and Gold.

Perfect Color Blocking on Eyes to Break the monotony!

We picked another dress from Turquoise and Gold to declare a riot of colors.
Riot because such is the nature of Rains, and of colors because that is what the home screen of Your brain looks like when You`re happily drenched.

We then spread the riot to every nook and corner of Olga`s neck line with that classy neck piece from Esbeda. We chose this piece for it`s fresh and light appeal.
You can add still more color with this bag from the same brand.

Not content with these many colors we decided to slip Olga into these fantastic Pumps from Mochi. Literally translated, Mochi means "Cobbler" to most Indians. Clearly our roadside cobbler has come a long way!
And after all the ornamentation and glamourisation, this is what Olga came to be.

A Great PhotoShoot is the culmination of Great Elements.
We had Akriti Kochar, Beauty & Makeup Expert, Oriflame India, who gave these interesting looks for our exclusive shoot. That`s her in the pic below on the left.

Check out the lean clean classy look that She gave Olga, in pic on the right

To electrify things further we got ourselves a muscleman from Blliss by Ravissant.
Mike the muscleman brought the kind the dexterity and deftness that is hard to believe coming from a being of his proportions. Some wizadry later He converted Olga into an another person.
That`s him here, and this is what He did?

The venue for this shoot was Blliss by Ravissant, a High end Salon and Spa in Delhi. Blliss offered us the perfect domain for the exercise, in terms of the oodles of space to maneuver with all our paraphernalia, and the fantastic interiors. All we had to do was just work with the subject, the backgrounds could`nt have been better

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Turquoise and Gold

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